The Dulwich Estate

Scheme of Management Application

Pending Applications

Listed below are Applications awaiting a decision. During the consultation period which ends on the date shown, residents are invited to comment on the proposals and may wish to view the plans by prior appointment by completing the form. Please click on the property address to view further details.

Property AddressProposalsStatus
Rosendale Road, 243Rear ground floor extension; loft conversion with rear dormer window and rooflightConsultation ends 7 May 2014
Eastlands Crescent, 10Replacement garage doorConsultation ends 7 May 2014
College Gardens, 6 Front garden hard and soft landscaping with bin storeConsultation ends 7 May 2014
Peckarmans Wood, 5Replacement uPVC windowsConsultation ends 7 May 2014
Court Lane, 118Loft conversion with rear dormer window and side rooflightsConsultation ends 7 May 2014
Gilkes Crescent, 1Ground floor extensions; garage conversion for residential useConsultation ends 7 May 2014
Carver Road, 1Revised proposals for side and rear extensions; alterations to doors and windowsConsultation ends 7 May 2014
Oakfield Gardens, 7Replacement uPVC doors and windowsConsultation ends 1 May 2014
Turney Road, 156Garden building and landscaping rear gardenConsultation ends 1 May 2014
Roseway, 4Side and rear extensionConsultation ends 1 May 2014
Alleyn Road, 3Basement extension with lightwells; changes to doors, windows and steps at side of houseConsultation ends 1 May 2014
Croxted Road, 96Ground floor rear extension; replacement first floor window; rear rooflightsConsultation ends 23 April 2014
Fountain Drive, 6Rear rooflightAwaiting Decision
Rosendale Road, 183Loft conversion with rear dormer windowAwaiting Decision
Coney Acre, 5Replacement windows and doors; replacement garage door; flue for a wood burning stoveAwaiting Decision
Croxted Road, 188Garden shedAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Village, 1Replacement steel windows and doorsAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Common, The Old Blew HouseReplace a ground floor side door with a windowAwaiting Decision
Pymers Mead, 46Replacement doors and windowsAwaiting Decision
Eastlands Crescent, 27Front garden landscapingAwaiting Decision
Stradella Road, 71Rear dormer windowAwaiting Decision
Woodhall Drive, 7Boundary FenceAwaiting Decision
Boxall Road, 17Rear ground floor extensionAwaiting Decision
Playfield Crescent, 31Loft conversion with rear dormer window and rear rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Village, 111Garage conversion; roof rear extension alteration; lifts at front and rear giving tunnel access to houseAwaiting Decision
Turney Road, 160Rear ground floor extension; front garden landscapingAwaiting Decision
Turney Road, 236Front garden landscaping with stone paths and bin storeAwaiting Decision
Eynella Road, 3Basement extension; alterations to ground floor rear extension and terraceAwaiting Decision
Burbage Road, 68Ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Village, 22Loft conversion with rear dormer window, rear and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Wood Avenue, 43Rear ground floor extension; garage conversion for residential use; alterations to side door and windowAwaiting Decision
Eastlands Crescent, 11Loft conversion with a rear dormer window and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Lovelace Road, 10Replacement painted timber windows to front elevationAwaiting Decision
Turney Road, 266New house replacing the existing buildingAwaiting Decision
Dovercourt Road, 81Ground floor side and rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Great Spilmans, 15Replacement uPVC windowsAwaiting Decision
Peckarmans Wood, 6Pavement lights giving natural light to basementAwaiting Decision
Ruskin Walk, 20Alterations to side, ground floor windowsAwaiting Decision
Stradella Road, 6Rear dormer window and changes to rooflights; alterations to ground floor doors and windowsAwaiting Decision
Allison Grove, 1BReplacement aluminium windowsAwaiting Decision
Druce Road, 7Revised proposals for loft conversion with rear dormer window, rear and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Great Spilmans, 7Revised proposals for partial garage conversion; changes to front entrance; replacement windows; ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Village, 60Alterations to front and side elevations of the side extension and entrance; hardstanding for off-street parkingAwaiting Decision
Carver Road, 53Rear ground floor extensionAwaiting Decision
Desenfans Road, 11GF, side and rear extension; loft conversion; FF side window; change a GF door to a window Awaiting Decision
Croxted Road, 198AGarden shedAwaiting Decision
College Road, 134Revised proposals for GF rear extensions; roof addition; loft conversion & window alterationsAwaiting Decision
Calton Avenue, 97Replace hardstanding in front garden with block paving and additional plantingAwaiting Decision
Great Brownings, 50Retrospective application to retain a boundary fenceAwaiting Decision
Allison Grove, 16Ground floor side extension at the rear of the garageAwaiting Decision
College Road, 136Front garden fenceAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Park, 101Extensions and alterations to the house; extend garden building in the rear gardenAwaiting Decision
Court Lane Gardens, 8Rear extension, replacing existing conservatory; garden building in the rear garden, front garden landscaping; new bin storeAwaiting Decision
Burbage Road, 57Garden shed; picket fences on side boundaries at the frontAwaiting Decision
Court Lane, 28Ground floor side and rear extensions, alterations to existing loft conversion with new dormer window and rear second floor windowAwaiting Decision
Jasper Road, 13Loft conversion with rear dormer window and two rear rooflightsAwaiting Decision
South Croxted Road, 51Garden building in the rear gardenAwaiting Decision
Great Spilmans, 17Side extension at front of garage, raise garage roof. Garage conversion will be for residential useAwaiting Decision
Gilkes Crescent, 49Ground floor rear extension replacing existing conservatoryAwaiting Decision
Pymers Mead, 3Replacement aluminium windowsAwaiting Decision
Croxted Road, 56Increase the size of the bin store at Normandie CourtAwaiting Decision
Sydenham Rise, 59Two rooflights in roof at the rearAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 52Basement, ground, first and second floor extensions; garage conversion; side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Allison Grove, 1AReplacement aluminium windowsAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 72New garage replacing existing at the end of the rear garden Awaiting Decision
Alleyn Park, 97Retrospective application to reposition side rooflight in the side ground floor extensionAwaiting Decision
Woodhall Avenue, 3Ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
College Gardens, 4Retrospective application to retain glass balustrade at front entranceAwaiting Decision
Burbage Road, 131Revisions to previously licensed rear extension: Rear, first floor bay window; rear solar panelsAwaiting Decision
Woodwarde Road, 144New rooflights at side and rear; sun tubes at rear; new ground floor side windowsAwaiting Decision
Walkerscroft Mead, 42Retrospective application to retain replacement folding sliding doors, finished blackAwaiting Decision
Court Lane, 95Solar Panels on the south-facing garage roofAwaiting Decision
Burbage Road, 31Ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Allison Grove, 1ABrick boundary wall and timber gatesAwaiting Decision
Lovelace Road, 28Loft conversion with rear dormer window and side and rear rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Rosendale Road, 231Resurface front garden hardstanding and associated landscapingAwaiting Decision
Casino Avenue, 83uPVC conservatory at rear of houseAwaiting Decision
Gilkes Crescent, 34Substantial alterations and extension, changing the character of the houseAwaiting Decision
East Dulwich Grove, 164ARetrospective application to retain garden shed; ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Wood Park, 8ARevised proposals for a new houseAwaiting Decision
Court Lane, 169Loft conversion with rear dormer window and rear rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Croxted Road, 280Loft conversion with rear dormer windowAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 54Rear second floor and roof extension; loft conversion with rear and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Park, 97Garden building; verandah at rear of house projecting 3mAwaiting Decision
Carver Road, 9Rear ground floor extension; loft conversion with rear dormer window and rear and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Ground floor rear extension replacing existing conservatory; ground, first and second floor side extensionAwaiting Decision
Pymers Mead, 83Replacement uPVC windows; replacement front doorAwaiting Decision
Courtmead Close, 4Solar panels on the roofAwaiting Decision
Calton Avenue, 91Alterations to roof and doors of existing rear conservatory; replacement painted timber windowsAwaiting Decision
Great Brownings, 67Terrace rear garden with timber sleepersAwaiting Decision
Sydenham Rise, 23Replacement PVCu windows and doorsAwaiting Decision
Ferrings, 15Ground floor extension at front of house enclosing yard to rear garage for no.16Awaiting Decision
Woodhall Drive, 1Replace existing house with a new houseAwaiting Info
Woodsyre, 7Loft conversion with rear dormerAwaiting Decision
Courtmead Close, 17Replacement timber windows and doors; two new Velux rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Court Lane, 1C Lower FlatGround floor doors at the rear, replacing a window; ground floor window at the side/rearAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Crescent, 2Retrospective application to retain a satellite dish at the rearAwaiting Info
Pymers Mead, 32Retrospective application for replacement windows and doorsAwaiting Decision
Croxted Road, 240Loft conversion with rear dormer and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
Rosendale Road, 197Ground floor rear extension, existing outbuildings and shed will be removedAwaiting Decision
Half Moon Lane, 55Front boundary wall and gates and alterations to front garden landscapingAwaiting Decision
Dulwich Wood Avenue, 2New house and demolition of existing garageAwaiting Decision
Frank Dixon Way, 8Revised extension proposals; engineer's report on proposed basement constructionAwaiting Info
Croxted Road, 74Garden BuildingAwaiting Decision
Lordship Lane, 426Ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Rockwells Gardens, 2Retrospective application for replacement windowsAwaiting Decision
Calton Avenue, 83Second floor extension; increase size of rear dormer windowAwaiting Info
Calton Avenue, 47Ground floor rear extensionAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 61Substantial alterations and extensionAwaiting Decision
Half Moon Lane, 80Replacement rear window with folding, sliding doorsAwaiting Decision
Turney Road, 248Loft conversion with rear roof extension and rear and side rooflightsAwaiting Decision
College Road, 99Solar panelsAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 28ExtensionAwaiting Decision
Roseway, 4Front garden landscaping and alterations to the front entrance porchAwaiting Decision
Gilkes Crescent, 23Side basement extension rebuildAwaiting Decision
Perifield, 1Entrance porch enclosureAwaiting Decision
Tollgate Drive, 6Replacement FenceAwaiting Decision
Lordship Lane, 300Two detached houses replacing the existing garagesAwaiting Decision
Lovelace Road, 42Retrospective application for water tank on roof, satellite dish, side rooflight and side window replacementAwaiting Decision
Sydenham Rise, 43Replacement windows and doorsAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 70Extensive alterations to include extensions to basement, side, ground and first floorsAwaiting Decision
Oakfield Gardens, 41Solar PanelsAwaiting Decision
Rosendale Road, 191Ground and First Floor Side ExtensionAwaiting Decision
Lings Coppice, 27Replacement WindowsAwaiting Decision
Alleyn Road, 4Solar PanelsAwaiting Decision
Turney Road, 65Revised ExtensionAwaiting Info
Turney Road, 65Loft Conversion / ExtensionAwaiting Info
Frank Dixon Way, 8ExtensionsAwaiting Info
Calton Avenue, 28ExtensionAwaiting Info

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